Our Services

We can provide your organisation with a complete fixed price solution

We provide businesses with a range of company law advice, support and representation services from corporate governance and regulation, through intellectual property and asset management to litigation.

We work with Riverview Law on three core offerings:

  • Providing fixed price Legal Advisory Outsourcing contracts for large corporations and multi-national organisations.
  • For customers without in-house lawyers we provide a “virtual General Counsel” as a principal contact, responsible for delivery across the full-range of each customer’s requirements via the Riverview Law Legal Counsel offering.
  • Litigation and Legal Projects which are focused on delivering effective solutions to our customers, whether they have a complex regulatory or court matter requiring a QC’s involvement from the outset, a portfolio of litigation requiring a discrete project team, or an employment, IP, M&A, property or other commercial matter.

If you require specialist, fixed price, legal support Our Team has demonstrable expertise in the following areas:

Corporate Governance and Regulation

Advice and representation in the:

  • Provision of corporate and regulatory advice
  • Internal company audit and regulatory compliance
  • Disposal of problem assets
  • Health and Safety compliance
  • Corporate civil and criminal liability and directors fiduciary duties
  • Internal inquiries on behalf of companies
  • Advice on recent relevant legislation
  • Care and conduct and representation to cover civil or criminal litigation and/or enforcement
  • Business Litigation

County Court and High Court litigation service including multi-million pound claims relating to contract, sale of goods, negligence, commercial disputes, insurance and construction.

Business Law

All aspects of corporate and business law including company legislation, compliance, shareholder agreements and option arrangements.


Advice, representation and auditing on the legislation relating to pension requirements, advice on existing pension teams and/or how to alter them, and regulatory and compliance issues generally in relation to pension schemes.


Advice on non-contentious property issues such as leases, licence agreements, landlord and tenant issues, restricted covenants and easements. Advice, care and conduct, representation and litigation. Conveyance (residential and commercial) on behalf of corporate and individual clients.

Intellectual Property

We support all areas of Intellectual Property law including:

  • Patents
  • Confidential Information
  • Copyright
  • Design
  • Trademarks and passing off
  • Employment

All areas of non-contentious employment law (e.g. advice on employment contracts, employment procedures, handbooks, redundancy procedures, directors contracts …). All areas of contentious employment law (e.g. care and conduct and representation, employment tribunals, County Court/High Court claims, restraint of trade, injunctions, breach of confidentiality agreements and covenants). Employment legislation including equal pay and discrimination matters.

International Business

International law firms and organisations can instruct us direct to act for them in the English courts.

Media and Sports

We provide support in the following areas:

  • Advice on pre-publication issues (e.g. content defamation and/or libel)
  • Advice on post-publication issues as above
  • Acting for companies in mediations following disputes arising
  • Advice on pre-litigation issues (e.g. contract disputes, publicity issues, injunctions, disciplinary disputes)
  • Representation in all matters

Mediation and Arbitration

We can provide a full Family and Commercial dispute resolution service.

Public Inquiries

Advice and care and conduct and representation in public inquiries.